Tortilla Manufacturer (tortilleria), established in 1945, offers a full line of fresh and flavorful traditional flour tortillas, corn tortillas, tostadas, and chips.
929 South Kern Ave.
Los Angeles
United States
Telephone: (323)266-0267


We work with small businesses such as restaurants, local charity and non-profit organizations, food trucks, street vendors and the individual for all their catering needs. We offer wholesale rates for our clients that become members. As an expanding small business, we are currently in the process of including our own line of distribution. We welcome distributors. Our products are made fresh daily and we work around the clock to accommodate your large orders for pick up.


Come visit us at our retail store located off of Whittier Blvd. in the heart of the East Los Angeles community where you can find shopping and street vendors selling tacos, fruits and hotdogs. We are proud to be a part of the growing popularity among locals and tourist in search of a good taco. And we are proud to be the suppliers for some of these “taqueros” who go through great lengths to ensure that they get a freshly made tortilla to compliment their savory tacos. Our products are made daily and available to you at our retail store. We sell masa (dough) all year round for your homemade tamales, sopes and tortillas. We also carry a line of raw flour tortillas for buñuelos that you can fry at home and top with your own seasoning. You will also find fresh produce, sweet bread, coffee and nachos at our store. You may call ahead of time when placing large orders of our corn or flour products.